The legal stuff

We like to keep out terms as short and sweet as possible but we should point out a few basics:

Artwork remains the intellectual property of Richard Honey t/a dg3 design unless otherwise agreed. Clients are purchasing a licence to use the design, not the design itself. Artwork may not be copied or passed on to another design bureau etc. without prior agreement with dg3. Logos and ID collateral may be freely used however by the commissioning organisation or company, as this is clearly bound up with their own identity. It would be unreasonable to expect clients to seek permission every time they needed to use their own logo in publicity.

Photographs supplied remain the property of dg3 design and/or the photographer/agency unless otherwise agreed. In the case of royalty free images we are usually relaxed in practice about clients using the images in other publicity.

Print and other material goods remain the property of dg3 until paid for in full.

Invoice terms are strictly 30 days. We like to pay our suppliers promptly and appreciate it when clients treat us in the same way. Overdue invoices may be charged interest under the terms of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

Design and production estimates assume finalised and proofed copy supplied by you, as far as possible in digital format. Please ensure that the copy you supply has been fully checked before sending for design. Whilst we strive to keep the job within the original  estimate where possible, extensive rewrites after layout can delay the process and may be charged extra at our hourly rate.

The price quoted includes any scanning, supply of digital proofs, normal amendments and print/production management where necessary. Printed proofs can be supplied where required, charged extra at cost; however please note that ink-jet proofs may vary slightly in colour from the printed product due to differences in the printing technologies involved.

Final proofing and approval of the design and copy is the responsibility of the client unless otherwise agreed. For extra reassurance we have experienced copy proofers available to check your documents. Whilst few copy checkers will assume financial responsibility for errors post client sign-off, you have the added comfort of knowing your work has been carefully checked — particularly important for mission critical documents such as event programmes and annual reports.

Print/display/and other production prices are based on competitive quotes from reputable local (where possible) suppliers. Any alterations once the job has gone to production may be subject to an additional charge by the manufacturer/printer etc.

That covers the basics. If you wish to discuss any other contractual details please get in touch.

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