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What we do

Design is a good idea

Designing a better world

dg3 is a Leeds graphic design studio offering powerful, imaginative and affordable design across print and digital media. We work locally and across the UK with organisations and companies who have a vision of change and something distinctive to say about it.

Design and branding is about how you engage in the conversation with your customers around your product, campaign or service – through print, the web and social media. Our approach is to work with you, not just for you: we want to really ‘get’ who you are — and then work at the interface with your public, so your clients become your followers. Be prepared: we won’t just take your word for it. If you find we challenge your thinking it’s because we are being paid to work for you. That’s our job.

Who we are

dg3 is Richard Honey, Leeds, UK based graphic designer. “I came to design  by a circuitous route, taking in a spell as an actor and publisher on the way. I make no bones about it: I am driven in equal measure by a passion for graphic innovation and a desire for social and economic justice. dg3 was the answer to the problem of how to combine visual communication technology with effective action for change.” Working as a small studio helps keep overheads low and design affordable – essential when clients are often small arts or charitable organisations on tight budgets  A network of affiliate creatives — photographers, web designers, copywriters and marketing professionals — helps deliver ‘just-in-time’ solutions that don’t break the bank.

Our approach

Design is basically a problem solving process. The Dutch born designer Rudy VanderLans once said ‘design is a good idea’ and actually it’s as simple yet as complex as that. It’s rare nowadays to meet organisations who don’t appreciate the importance of ‘branding’ and graphic communication in presenting their ‘offer’. Design really is a good idea if you want to build a fruitful and consistent relationship with the world. However it requires some hard thinking and good ideas to create an effective communications strategy that really works for you. dg3 burrows down to discover what makes you and your organisation tick — your values and your personality — before we even get to put pencil to paper or mouse to screen. We aim to add value to your service or product: value for money.

How we do it

You’ll find working with dg3 is a friendly experience. We like working with people and generally they feel the same about us. You’ll find us helpful and approachable — if we’re to become a part of your team, even for the duration of a single project, it’s important we can work together well with clear lines of communication. We’ll look at your communication needs and we’re pretty good at suggesting which combination of media will deliver the results you want: print, online or social media, all with a keen eye on your budget. We like to involve clients in the thinking process so that they feel in control of outcomes at every stage. We just ask that you allow us sometimes to try and help you look at a problem from a different angle. Being creative is sometimes about surprise and the unexpected.

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