What we’ve made

Unhidden in Plain Sight


Jeremy Abrahams/University of Sheffield, 2018


Photography, display

The Project

dg3 was commissioned by photographer Jeremy Abrahams to design 12 panels of thought-provoking images and text on the theme of modern slavery for the Unhidden in Plain Sight exhibition. The panels reflect complex journeys into and out of modern slavery. They respond to the challenges of creating images that humanise survivors of a de-humanising crime. 

The photographer worked with University of Sheffield academics Dr Hannah Lewis and Dr Gwyneth Lonergan to counter images used in anti-modern slavery campaigns, which often stereotype and re-victimise the people they are trying to support.

They also worked in partnership with three Sheffield-based organisations – City Hearts, Ashiana and The Snowdrop Project – to create a set of images that can be used by anti-trafficking campaign organisations and those which support victims of exploitation and abuse.



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