What we’ve made

Language Unlocked brochure and display


Language Unlocked brochure, 2016




The Project

Language Unlocked is a consultancy based in the Institute for Applied Linguistics at the University of Huddersfield. It’s expert staff are professional linguists engaged in high-level academic and applied research into the nature and use of language. They use sophisticated linguistic tools and software to reveal textual meanings that are not immediately obvious but that influence how people perceive and respond to organisations and their concerns.

In the complex and competitive world of branding and communication, what companies say and how they say it is a partner to their visual identity. Tone of voice and textual content matter to how people respond to an offer and the conversation organisations have with their customers, clients and stakeholders.

dg3 provided the Language Unlocked appropriately type-based logo. For the brochure, the cover logo/text used high gloss UV spot varnish on matt laminate background to give a subtle black on black contrast to highlight the clean, sophisticated and modern design. A pull up banner stand for conferences and events was also supplied.

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